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The presentation of you menu helps to set the tone of what your customer can expect from their time with you.

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Prime Luxury Leather

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Bistro Menu Covers

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If you want a cost effective option, finished with Black or Gold corners, then the ready made option is for you.

Drink Coasters

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Drink Coasters for guest rooms, function centres or meeting rooms.


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Pioneer Luxury Leather

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Prestige Menu Cover

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Windsor style menu

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Custom And Stock Desk Pads

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Desk-pads for function centres, meeting rooms or hotel rooms

Boston Pocket Menu

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Elite Menu Cover

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The Elite menu covers are perfect for larger menus (for both print or our durable PVC pockets)

Urban Ringbinder

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Our Fabric Ring Binders are the the higher end of our range, they will offer increased lifespan also also a premium look.

Chicago Menu Covers

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Chicago Menu Covers are one of our most popular menu styles on offer.

Cafe Menu Covers

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The Café menu covers are simple and sleek. A simple leather strip holds any number of folded pages inside.

Snap Happy Menu Boards

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Table Talkers

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Compliment your menus using sturdy and durable table talkers in the same innovative colour schemes.

Cold Bolt Menu Boards

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Piccolo Menus

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Complete your customer experience tastefully with a branded billfold

Premier Luxury Leather

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There is always a place for quality with our Luxury Plus menu covers made from genuine hide leathers inside and out.

Saxon+Parole // 2021


The team at are absolutely brilliant. Within the restaurant and bar industry there are so many factors that require fast turnaround times or specialty products- and she always delivers. Anything that we have asked from Sam and her team has always being delivered above and beyond Even though she is a small team her work is found all over Britomart / CBD / Commercial Bay and at most of the top restaurants and bars – but still has time to meet with the smaller guys too. This is why we have used her constantly time and time again. I have worked with Sam and her team over the past 5 years and their knowledge, product quality and price is second to none. I highly recommend using her and her team – Let her find a solution when you don’t think they can do it. They can! and better than you have ever thought. Keep up the good work. I would recommend her and her team to anyone from small to large businesses.

// 2021

Solera were fantastic to work with. Their communication (especially Sam) was outstanding.

 They worked with me to achieve exactly what I wanted and were happy to supply samples and any assistance they could.

 I look forward to working with them again.

Colonel malones // 2021

Colonel malones

Menu covers arrived this morning thank you so much.

 We are extremely happy with them and can’t wait to get them into service.

 Thank you also for the extra goodies. Love the pens!

White & Wongs // 2021

White & Wongs

Would 100% recommend Sam and her team!

Sit // 2021


We would 100% recommend! Could not have had a better experience with the team and the product!

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